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Jasna Klemenc Puntar

Infiltrating anywhere isn't hard when you master e-networking | Your LinkedIn Guide & Trainer | Go-to-market and Launch Coach | B2B+B2C, B2B2B, H2H



I’m a multipractic marketer - from startups to enterprises - turned consultant to businesses that want to grow.I bring a unique perspective to companies because of my experience across the full stack of product and marketing in various industries and clearly understand what it takes to get from idea to execution to success. I naturally flow to dynamic environments with the intention to drive process and structure.


I’ve experienced the paradigm shift in marketing and product management in the past two decades and understand the current challenges and emerging opportunities.I am relentlessly curious, data-driven marketing leader with over 20 years of experience growing products and businesses across startups and enterprises. Involved in launching more than 20 new products in B2B and B2C in financial services, publishing, software/development services, IoT, and fintech enabled me to move teams forward in highly ambiguous situations.I strongly believe that a killer go-to-market always wins over a great product. And that well aligned and skillful team is the key to success.I'm passionate about Connected customer, Running Experiments, Digital Transformation, and Branding.


  • Go-to-market Strategy and Execution

  • Brand Strategy & Development

  • Growth Marketing

  • Market & User Research

  • Expert Positioning and Social Selling

  • Funnel Optimization

  • Engagement and Retention Marketing

  • Marketing Operations

  • Marketing & Sales Alignment


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